Make This Christmas Truly Special with REN Rose Oil

ren rose oilIs it possible to stand in the middle of a blooming rose garden in winter? Yes, it is perfectly possible with the REN Rose Oil products. They are natural, luxurious and absolutely beautiful. They use only botanical ingredients to rejuvenate your mind and body. The rose scent is absolutely captivating. You would certainly want to spoil yourself with these products this Christmas. You can present them as gifts as well.

Spa at Home

There is nothing more relaxing and revitalizing than taking a bath with a few drops of the REN Rose Oil especially designed for the purpose. The Bath Oil is so light that it will disperse into the water perfectly. The rose scent will provide instant relaxation to the mind and body aided by the warm water. This oil works to moisturise the tone the skin. It has a potent revitalizing effect. It laves the skin soft, smooth and supple. It has a slight rose scent which is totally gorgeous.

After taking a shower with the Rose Body Wash which belongs to the same collection, you can use the Rose Ultra-Moisture Body Oil. Its job is to lock moisture into the skin and to keep it there for a long time. This is exactly what you need for healthy and protected skin during the cold months and not only.

In addition to ensuring that the skin is properly hydrated, this REN Rose Oil improves its softness and elasticity. The skin is smooth and supple. It has natural youthful glow. This body oil provides protection from the harmful effects of free radical as well. It uses potent antioxidants to prevent skin cell damage which results in premature ageing.

ren rose oil1Pure Beauty

All REN Rose Oil products are 100% natural. They are based on botanical ingredients only. The active ingredients in the Rose Bath Oil include geranium oil, palmarosa oil and rose oil. The Rose Body Oil of the brand has ceramides, fatty acids, phospholipids and tocotrienols from plant oils and extracts.

Gift Sets

You can buy standard-sized bottles of both the bath and body oil of the brand for yourself this Christmas. They make excellent gifts either separately or together. You can also surprise a loved one with a specially made gift set featuring these and other REN Rose luxury body care products. They come in luxurious boxes which look fabulous.

Everyone deserves to have the best time during the holiday season. You can enjoy great spa treatments at home with the REN Rose Oil products not only during the winter, but all year round.

Why Choose No Foundation Foundation over Any Other Foundation

no foundation foundationTraditionally, foundation is used for covering the imperfections of the complexion so that other makeup can be applied on top. Dr Perricone has revolutionized this concept with No Foundation Foundation. This product is a tinted moisturizer which provides hydration and anti-ageing benefits and protection from harmful environmental impacts in addition to giving you perfectly smooth and radiant skin. Take a closer look at its advantages over the traditional makeup products available in the market.

Easy Application and Quick Absorption

The formula of No Foundation Foundation is light and smooth. It is more liquid than creamy. It has perfect texture for easy application on the skin. It spreads perfectly and provides complete coverage. It will absorb into the skin quite quickly. It will not form a thick oily layer on top of the skin like many conventional products.

Translucent Coverage

Your skin will have a perfectly natural dewy finish. You will love its fabulous youthful look. You can forget about the formation of a film which will make you look as if you are made of clay. You will never have to worry about the foundation altering your skin tone and giving you a much darker or lighter complexion.

Long Lasting Hydration

Thanks to the vitamin C ester in the No Foundation Foundation formula, you will get deep hydration all day long. Your skin will be soft, smooth and firm. It will never look fatigued or dull. You will look gorgeous all day long no matter how stressful the day is. You will enjoy long-term beauty benefits like better skin firmness and elasticity and a more youthful look.

Traditional foundations, on the other hand, tend to block the pores and prevent the skin from breathing. This causes dryness and dullness. What’s more, the natural replenishment processes are slowed down. no foundation foundation1

Natural UV Protection

With this tinted moisturizer, you will get natural and effective protection from the UVA and UVB rays of the sun thanks to the zinc oxide and titanium dioxide in the formula. With SPF 30, you can be certain that your skin will not be harmed by the dangerous radiation. As you know, UV protection is crucial for fighting aging. It is now mandatory for every good foundation product to have it.

Smooth, Plump and Radiant Skin

The alpha lipoic acid in the formula of the tinted moisturizer gives you smoother and more radiant skin. The vitamin C ester in the formula works to provide natural plump and the dewy radiant finish. The zinc oxide and titanium dioxide correct the skin undertones.

Get the best look and perfect skin health with No Foundation Foundation.

How Omorovicza Complexion Enhancer Makes Magic

omorovicza complexion enhancer 3There are many different things that Omorovicza Complexion Enhancer can do for your skin and for your complexion. It is a deep moisturiser with a soothing effect. It is tinted so it masks imperfections. The interesting thing is that it actually works to reduce these imperfections as well. What’s more it has SPF15 and provides protection both the UVA and UVB radiation of the sun. As you can guess, the secret is in the ingredients.

Just like all other products of the brand, Omorovicza Complexion Enhancer contains pure Hungarian mineral water. This water has a soothing effect on the skin and makes it suppler and softer. It eliminates irritation and reduces redness and the appearance of broken capillaries.

The product contains Shea butter and apple pectin. These two ingredients provide deep and lasting hydration and sufficient nourishment. Thus, they improve the overall health of the skin and stimulate its natural replenishment. As a result, your skin will be softer, smoother and younger looking.

omorovicza complexion enhancer 4The Hydro Mineral Transference technology of Omorovicza Complexion Enhancer is the main anti-ageing ingredient of the product. Its job is to stimulate the production of collagen so that the skin becomes firmer and rejuvenated. Over time, you will enjoy some reduction of fine lines and wrinkles as well.

This moisturiser is tinted and has ruby crystals whose job is to conceal fine lines and wrinkles perfectly. The tint works to even your skin tone and to mask sun spots and ageing spots. The combined effect is absolutely amazing. You get matte finish and a naturally more radiant skin.

The zinc oxide and the titanium dioxide in the formula provide the protection from UVA and UVB radiation. Your skin will be shielded from sun damage which eventually leads to hyper-pigmentation, ageing spots and wrinkles. It is nice to know that you get protection all day long.

It is certainly worth using Omorovicza Complexion Enhancer when your goal is to achieve perfection.

Omorovicza Complexion Enhancer – Natural Beauty and Protection

omorovicza complexion enhancer 1Developed by one of the leading European cosmetics brands, Omorovicza Complexion Enhancer hides the secret to beauty in a bottle. This product is loved by women for its ability to soothe and hydrate the skin, to even the complexion and hide imperfections and to provide protection from the harmful UV radiation. It comes highly recommended by the beauty specialists of fashion magazines as well.

As you could see from the brief description provided above, Omorovicza Complexion Enhancer has a five-fold action. It can be safely said that it is a multifunctional product. The enhancer is based on Hungarian thermal water. It has a gentle soothing effect so it will deal with inflammation, redness and broken capillaries.

The product provides deep moisturising as well. It hydrates the skin naturally and effectively. It will remain smooth and subtle all day long. You will feel it firmer and more elastic.

omorovicza complexion enhancer 2Omorovicza Complexion Enhancer is tinted so it works like a concealing product. It masks all kinds of imperfections effectively. It does not matter whether you have to deal with blackheads, dilated pores, broken capillaries, ageing spots or sun spots. You will get even skin tone and bright complexion. The matte finish is guaranteed.

It is important to note that this skin enhancing product is super light and gentle. It will not form a film on your skin. It will not clog the pores. It will not get absorbed either. It feels very natural to touch and works to give you perfection all day long.

The zinc oxide in the formula provides UVA and UVB protection which is perfectly natural. The product has SPF15. You can wear it every day with complete confidence that it protects your skin from sun damage and the resulting spots, hyper-pigmentation and fine lines and wrinkles.

You should definitely try Omorovicza Complexion Enhancer. This product is comprehensive and natural and is known to work. It is perfectly suitable for all skin types.

Letting Your Skin Take a Break with Borghese Skin Care Products

borghese 7The skin is the largest sense organ in the body. Aside from protecting us, it is also the layer visible to the eye. With the harsh environment like pollution and the sun’s UV rays, the skin undergoes aging faster than the usual rate. Although our body can shed off dead skin cells and replace them with new ones, it’s more important that we prevent this premature skin aging than just let it happen early. Knowing this, the Borghese brand came up with different products that will people protect their skin.

What Borghese products can I use for skin care?

  1. Hydrators – this refers to different creams like body lotions, oil sprays, and body creams help the skin to store water. This gives the skin more glow and elasticity.
  2. Bath cleansers and gels – or in simpler terms, soap. But with Borghese, these simple cleaning agents are transformed by infusing moisturizers. Thus, they can keep the skin soft and comfortable. The company even made mud soap.
  3. Body scrubs – If you want a full-body treatment, these are the perfect products. Their body scrubs can help your skin look softer and healthier, as well as scrub away dead skin cells. Natural ingredients are used to ensure that the skin gets the nutrients it needs.
  4. Hand and foot care – our extremities are the most “worked up” parts in our body; hence they deserve pampering. Aside from moisturizing the skin and removing dead skin cells, they are made to re-texturize your skin. They are also mixed with aromatherapeutic oils that can help improve the person’s mood and soothe their senses.borghese 8

People should take care of their skin as much as the skin takes care of them. With the help of Borghese, you can experience a complete spa treatment without the hassles of finding one or spending much for it.

Molecule Perfume – User Tips for Best Results

Escentric Molecules 31The special thing about a Molecule perfume is that it has a single aromatic molecule. The structure of this molecule changes due to its contact with the pheromones and heat produced by the body. That way, each person gets his/her own personalized scent.

You can readily pick your preferred Molecule among three different options available from the Escentric Molecule brand. There is Molecule 01 which is based on Iso E Super, one of the most exciting ingredients ever used in the perfumery industry. Then there is Molecule 02 which is based on ambroxan, a highly aromatic compound which produces a warm, pleasant and subtle scent. You can also consider Molecule 03 which is based on vetiveryle acetate. It is fresh, highly aromatic and naturally cool.

You need just a few sprays of the Molecule perfume on your skin. These fragrances are extremely long lasting. You can be certain that the perfume will stay on your skin for many hours. Most users share that they can feel the scent perfectly even after 20 to 30 hours. There is no need for additional sprays every few hours.

Give time to the fragrance to develop. Usually, you will not be able to feel it immediately. This is because it takes some time for the reaction between the perfume molecule and the body to take place. You should not spray too much in beginning thinking that the scent is not strong enough. Just try to be patient.

Escentric Molecules 32

One of the best things which you can do with your Molecule fragrance is to spray it over other perfumes. That way, you can enjoy a bunch of amazing combinations. You can readily spray a Molecule fragrance over its corresponding Escentric fragrance. This will enhance both scents further and give you a totally amazing experience.

You can use your Molecule perfume anytime anywhere. There are no limitations whatsoever. It is great for every season, for every day, for the evening and for special occasions.

Elemis Tri Enzyme – The 3 Components of the Skin Resurfacing System

The Elemis cosmetic products are renowned for their natural formulas based on extensive scientific research. The Elemis Tri Enzyme technology is not exception to this rule. It is based on three different potent enzymes which work together to provide gentle and natural skin resurfacing and regeneration. You can achieve a smoother, softer and younger looking skin if you use the three components of the system together.

Elemis Tri Enzyme

The Elemis Tri Enzyme resurfacing facial wash is the first component of the system. It acts as the catalyst for the resurfacing process. Its main job is to remove the dead skin cells from the superficial layer of the epidermis. It is potent yet gentle. It has soothing and hydrating ingredients such as Shea butter. In this way, it effectively prepares the skin for the rejuvenation. It is rich in potent vitamins and antioxidants which stimulate the production of new skin cells and protect them from damage.


The Elemis Tri Enzyme resurfacing serum is the second component which you need to use to achieve skin rejuvenation and perfection. It works to provide natural skin peeling which is non-abrasive. You will not experience any discomfort and irritation when using this serum. It is gentle as well as effective. It will not cause redness or puffiness. It has soothing, moisturising and toning ingredients which were excellently together with the peeling ones. The antioxidants extracted from white truffle and the amino acids in the formula stimulate the natural cell regeneration.

Elemis Tri Enzyme1

The resurfacing night cream is the third and final component of the system. Its main function is to simulate the natural cycle for regeneration of the skin. It enhances the process to give you the perfection that you require. Some of the main ingredients of this cream are natural antioxidants and a specially formulated lipid complex. They give the new skin the much needed natural protection from the harmful effects of the natural environment.


Use the Elemis Tri Enzyme system to achieve beauty and perfection.




Concentrated Skincare

Every time there is a new technological development, scientist will always find ways on how to use it to take care of your skin. Alpha-H is a cosmetic brand that pours its time and effort on researching about the skin and the elements needed to keep it healthy. They find it essential to look for quality ingredients to use in their products for bringing out the best in their customer’s skin.

It doesn’t make sense when you want your skin to show significant changes and yet you do not want to change your skin care regimen.  Alpha-H prides itself on its in-depth understanding of the skin and the science that applies to it. They have achieved it through exhaustive research and twenty years of dedication to improve their products. They make sure that their products have pharmaceutical effects for cosmetic use and assure that their clients get their money’s worth.


It’s best to make use of the advantages of science and technology when choosing your cosmetics. Unpredictable results present the risk of allergic reactions and skin infections. Sometimes, it may cure one skin defect and be a catalyst for another problem.  Or worse, it may worsen the case of your skin. Buy only the brand which assures predictable results as it increases the accountability they have for your skin. The increased accountability ensures you that they will produce only the best of the best that they can.

Take note of your skin type, seek advice from your dermatologist if needed, and choose the product accordingly. There are some which could further damage sensitive skin and develop other problematic conditions so don’t just randomly buy and use products. The company will not be liable for your own recklessness.

Daily skincare products could be provided by Alpha-H.  Their products have been proven to be technologically advanced, effective, and safe for use.  But, you do have to take the necessary steps to ensure that you choose the right products from their offerings.

Australian BodyCare UK Offers Natural Tea Tree Oil Products

Australian Bodycare UK Limited is a UK distributor of high-quality tea tree oil products that are proven effective and safe. This is an active beauty care company established and incorporated in Wales and England in the year 1989. Now, it is located in Tunbridge Wells, United Kingdom.

Australian Bodycare UK limited offers bodycare tea tree oil products, pet care, tea tree hair care products, skincare products, and a lot more. This company is well-known for its use of the potent tea tree oil ingredient.


australian bodycare

A Potent Extract

Tea tree oil is a natural oil extract taken from the Melaleuca Alternifolia tree grown in Australia. It is well-known for anti-viral, antiseptic, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.

Australian Bodycare uses tea tree oil because it has proven effective for giving healthy skin and hair. All their products contain tea tree oil. The Australian Bodycare products can be used for: blisters, dermatitis, burns, sores, eczema, cracked heels, blisters, dandruff, foot odor, gingivitis, dry skin, shaving rash, athlete’s foot, insect bites, and a lot more.

People who experience rashes every now and then can use tea tree oil to diminish the appearance of their rashes in such a short time.  There are also other skin benefits that you can experience with potent tea tree oil.

Spot Treatment with Tea Tree Oil

One of the skin care benefits of tea tree oil is pimple treatment.  Australia Bodycare UK’s Tea Tree Spot Stick heals every pimple in your face fast. It will diminish its redness, as well. This product has 10 percent tea tree oil and contains witch-hazel.  It is a clear liquid roller ball stick that is easy to use. Ordering this product online is just as easy and convenient as its application.  You might be interested in the other tea tree oil products available in their website as well.

Cire Trudon’s Extensive Candle Collection

Have you heard about Imperial Candles or the Mademoiselle dela Valliere?  They sound like they come from the Old Word centuries ago.  These names are actually candle types made by Cire Trudon.  This company is well-known around the world as distinguished candle maker.  This tradition of candle making started in 1643 when Claud Trudon opened his candle shop in France.  The shop now has several branches in different parts of the world and different types including: Great Candles, Perfumed Candles, Pillar Candles, Imperial Pillar Candles, and Busts.

cire trudon


Perfumed candles from Cire Trudon are most interesting.  They are not simply “flavored” with single oil extracts.  They are actually scented by a combination of extracts, oils, and other natural ingredients to provide the senses with unique aromas.  There are 20 of perfumed candles from this candle company.

One of the best smelling perfumed candles is Carmelite. Its top notes include mugwort and orange; middle notes include spices, iris, geranium, and rose; base notes include sandalwood, cedar, and patchouli.  The scent of this candle is described as the scent of old stonewalls. This scent evokes scenes of the black and white nuns moving in the silence in a ritual ceremony. Furthermore, this candle represents peace of souls and eternity.

Another great smelling perfumed candle is the Mademoiselle de la Valliere, a scent that symbolizes spiritual love. Its top notes include galbanum, orange blossom, and bergamot; middle notes include ylang, tuberose, and jasmine; base notes include benzoin resin, rockrose, and musk. This perfumed candle is best displayed in the bedroom, especially if you are married. This scent will bring aromas that stimulate feelings of love in the room.

Cire Trudon’s Balmoral gives a refreshing scent.  Its top notes include foliage, cut grass, and mint. Its middle notes include tea, iris, and freesia. Its base notes include pine wood, sap, and musk. The scent of Balmoral will remind you of the fresh pure air after the rain.